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  • Natalie Vaval

    Natalie Vaval

    journalism + design student still studying her craft.

  • Erwin C

    Erwin C

    Austin, TX. Life and Business. 33

  • Ruth Koskiranta

    Ruth Koskiranta

  • Suzie Que

    Suzie Que

  • Alex


    Student. Whovian. Loves music. Disabled due to chronic pain, etc. Misdiagnosed & undiagnosed. “I'm in pain. Every day. It changed me…” ~ House

  • Nicolas Lévêque

    Nicolas Lévêque

  • W. Green

    W. Green

    Curious about most things. Neurodiversity, MOGAI & disability advocate. Professional public sector people-puzzle problem solver. Seeking further alliteration

  • Carrie Rowlett

    Carrie Rowlett

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